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Assassin Bot Commands

Prefix - $$


$$ping - Bot Piing
$$help - Help Message
$$Invite - Bot Inviatation
$$Donate - Donation Site
$$About - About The Bot
$$Servers - Total Guilds
$$ServerSetup - Set Ups the Server
$$Chat - Chat with the Bot



$$Kick @user [Reason] - Kicks the User
$$Ban @user [Reason] - Bans The User
$$UnBan [User ID] - UnBans The User
$$Mute @user [Reason] - Mutes the User Permanently
$$Tmute @user [Time in mins] - Mutes the User Temporarily
$$Unmute @user - Unmutes the User
$$VCMute @user - Mutes the User
$$VCUnMute - UnMutes the User In A VC
$$VCKick @user - Kicks The User From The VC
$$Purge @user [amt] or $Purge [amt] - Purges The Specified Amount of Message
$$Clean - Deletes 30 Messages
$$Warn @user [reason] - Warns the User (3 Warns=Mute)
$$Warnings @user - User Warnings Count
$$ClearWarns @user - Clears the Warnings



$$CreateChannel [name] - Creates a Channel
$$DeleteChannel #channel - Deletes The Chnnael
$$Hide - Hides the Channel
$$Lock - Locks the Channel
$$CreateRole #000000 [name] - Creates a Role With The Custom Hex
$$DeleteRole @role - Deletes the Role
$$AddRole @role @user - Adds The Role to the user
$$RemoveRole @role @user - Removes the Role from the user
$$SetNick @user [name] - Changes user nickname
$$ResetNick @user - Resets user nicknname



$$meme - Memer
$$joke - Jokes
$$8ball [question] - Roles a 8Ball Question
$$gayrate @user - Gayrate of the User
$$hack @user - Hacks the User
$$order [food] - Orders the Food for You
$$tip [$amt] - Offer some Tips to the Delivery Boy
$$rolldice - Rolls the Dice
$$kill @user - RiP!
$$whowouldwin @user1 @user2 - Winner!
$$rps [R/P/S] - RPS with the Bot


Custom Behaviour

$$Welcomer #channel - Stes the Welcome Channel
$$Leaver #channel - Sets the levaer channel
$$AutoRole @role - Sets Autorole when a user Joins
$$RoleMenu - Takes you through the Reaction Role Process
$$SetTCH - Role Menu Text Channel
$$DMWelcomer <enable/disable> - Welcomer the Member in DMs
$$ServerStats - Sets up Server Stats Counter
$$Logging #channel - Sets the logging channel
$$Leveling #channel - Sets Leveling Messages
$$Config - Shows the Server Configuration



$$rank - Shows User Rank
$$Rep @user - +1 Rep
$$Reps @user - User Reps Count
$$UserInfo @user - Shows User Information
$$RoleInfo @role/name - Shows Role Information
$$ServerInfo - Shows the Server Information
$$Timer [in mins] - DMs after timesout
$$AFK [message] - Sets the Afk Message
$$Poll [Question] - Creates a Embed Poll
$$GetId <@user/@role/#Channel> - ID of the Mention


Text Manipulation

$$Say [message] - Repeats the Message
$$DM [message] - Send Mails
$$Embed [message] - Send in a Rich Embed
$$Random [num-1] [num-2] - Shows a Random Number between the Limits
$$RollDice - Rolls the Dice
$$GayRate - Shows the GayRate
$$GreenText [text] - Greenify the text
$$Spoil [text] - Text Spoiler


Image Manipulation

$$Avatar @user - User Avatar
$$dog - Dog Pic
$$cat - Cat Pic
$$Panda - Panda Pic
$$Koala - Koala Pic
$$Fact - Factu
$$Birb - Birb Pic
$$Fox - Fox Pic
$$Pikachu - Pika Pika
$$RandomImage - Random Pics
$$Slap - Slaps the User
$$clyde [text] - Make Clyde say Something

$$tweet @user [text] - User tweets with Text

$$blurpify @user - Blurpify the User
$$deepfry @user - Deepfries the User
$$iphoneX @user - Puts the User in an iPhone
$$awooify @user - Awooifies the User
$$magik @user - Migify the User
$$changemymind [text] - ChangeYourMind
$$boom @user - Blasts the User


Anime/ Reactions

$$pat @user - Pat the User
$$hug @user - Hug the User
$$kiss @user - Kiss the User
$$poke @user - Poke the User
$$tickle @user - Tickle the User
$$aslap @user - Slaps the User with a Anime Gif
$$cuddle @user - Cuddle the User
$$ship @user1 @user2 - Ships the Couple
$$lovecalc @user1 @user2 - The Love Calculator
$$hatecalc @user1 @user2 - The Hate Calculator
$$shrug - Shrug
$$baka @user - Baka!
$$Think - Thinks
$$Bully @user - Bullies :(
$$Punch @user - Puch the User
$$FacePalm - FacePalms



$$Cash - Wallet / Bank Balance
$$CashBoard - Top 10 Richest Peeps
$$Ccashboard [num] - Custom Cashboard
$$Work - Work to Earn
$$Jackpot - 💰 PS: Ban Member Perm Needed
$$Thief @user - Rob the user
$$CoinFlip [amt] <heads/tails> - Coin Flip
$$Gamble [amt] - Gambling is All
$$Slots [amt] - Slot Machine
$$Slotstats - Your Slots Statistics
$$Deposit [amt] - Deposits your cash
$$Withdraw [amt] - Withdraws Cash
$$Transfer [amt] @user - Transfer Amount



$$atits - Anime Tits
$$apussy - Anime Pussy
$$acum - Anime Cum
$$aboob - Anime Boob
$$hentai - Hentais
$$spank - Spank the User
$$aanal - Anime Anal



$$yt [song name] - Song Information from YouTube
$$Eval [compile-code] - Evalutes the Code (Bot Owner)
$$Tick - Sends a Tick
$$Cross - Sends A Cross
$$LuL - Sends a LuL
$$PressF - Sends a F
$$ThanosDaddy - Snaps*
$$CalcAge [D / O/ B] - Calculates your Age

Assassin Bot

Owner: Zyrouge#0950
Created on: 13 Jul 2019


Discord: Zyrouge#0950
Github: NaveenCnaveen96


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